CR004 – .D.S.. “Perception”CR004 – .D.S.. „Perception“

1. Perception – 17:46
(download mp3)

Release date: 16-07-2008
Edition: unknown
Band: www, myspace

Classic Rock Society, Issue 169, December 2008/January 2009

.D.S.. (Digital Silence) are a Lithuanian trio with Andrius on guitars, Jurgis on bass and Rimas on drums. My first ‘perception’ of this instrumental EP, just under 18 minutes long, was that musically it was in the sea of Twelfth Night’s Sequences and The Cure’s A Forest. Their aim being to ‘merge the experiences of sound, mind and land-scapes’, what Ashley Franklin might call ‘soundscapes’. They create music around a core repetitive-riff, which undulates, distors, throbs and changes pace. Like a relentless river’s journey, rushing, growing, slowing, resting, reflecting, sparkling, swirling, then rapidly falling. Whether it is a river like Mnemosyne or Lethe, depends on your taste and/or mental-stamina. review (in lithuanian)

Kūrinių sąrašas:
1. Perception – 17:46
(atsisiųsti mp3)

Išleidimo data: 2008-07-16
Tiražas: nežinomas
Grupės nuorodos: www, myspace

Recenzija iš „Classic Rock Society“ (angliškai)

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